When Purchasing an insert, you can choose our Flat Rate Cutting option to precisely, custom cut anything in your foam for a flat fee of $54.95 per layer.  All we need is a picture of your items and we do the rest.  We use our computerized CNC laser cutter to precisely cut your items for a snug fit. Take advantage of this LIMITED TIME OFFER.

How To:

1. Add this item to you cart.

2. Find the foam insert you are looking for and add it to your cart.  You can use our search bar on the top. 

           2a.  We recommend you add our adhesive option to your custom cut order.  HERE

3. Checkout.

4. Upon receipt of your order confirmation email, please respond with a photo of the items need cutting in the layout you prefer.

5. You will receive a confirmation email form us saying we are all good or if anything else is needed.

6. You can always use our Live Chat feature on the bottom right corner if you have any questions or of course, email us anytime to info@cobrafoaminserts.com




Customer Reviews

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Great product, let’s try this again

I ordered a foam insert for my Plano box, it’s custom cut for my S&W 15/22 and Ruger SR22. I sent a picture and asked to have 3 holes for Rifle Mags and 3 holes for Pistol mags. They did a great job of fitting the Rifle ( stock butt angle was off a little ) , Rifle Mags, and Pistol but they cut the pistol Mag hole for only 2 instead of 3 like I asked. Not a huge deal but I wanted 3 of each. Also the hole for the pistol is too deep. I’m gonna cut the plug that fits in half so the gun sits higher and flush with the top of the foam. I’m gonna place another order one day for my S&W AR and 9mm Pistol, hopefully that order will be better.

Fantastic Product and Experience

I couldn’t be happier with the two custom foam inserts I ordered. The quality is unmatched, the workmanship is superb, the fit couldn’t be more perfect and the service I received was efficient and timely. I LOVED the fact that they were willing and able to accommodate an odd-shaped design and make it PERFECTLY. Had a slight hang up with one case insert and the company corrected the mistake without any hassle or delay. I’ll be purchasing from Cobra again whenever I need case foam inserts!

Not blazingly fast but quality product.

I am quite pleased with my custom foam inserts. It took a while to get them but when they finally arrived they were very nicely done

Excellent Quality

Absolutely fantastic work. Needed to custom fit a Pelican case for SCAR and pistols. Couldn’t be happier.

Great Product

A couple pics with dimensions and cobra sends out a perfect fitting piece of foam. I will definitely use again with my larger rifle case.

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