Boyt Case Foam

Boyt Harness Company, the hunting industry standard for gun cases and firearm storage and transport, traces their beginnings to a family owned regional harness shop in turn of the century Iowa. The industrious Boyt brothers founded Walter Boyt Saddlery in 1901. The Boyt brother’s burgeoning enterprise primarily manufactured fine driving harness for buggies, however, the Great War in Europe took the company in a direction that would frame it for the next 100 years.
Pelican Case 1700 1701 Replacement Foam Inserts Set 2 Pieces Rifle Shotgun-Pelican-Cobra Foam Inserts
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Boyt Case H51 Replacement Foam Inserts Set (2 Pieces)

2 piece set - Replacement foam for Boyt H51 Case  51" x 15" Includes: 2 Pcs. Solid Pad 1.65" Thick Each (Not Pick N' Pluck) Overview: Polyurethane...

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from $49.95

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