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All around great buy... The customer service, the delivery, the packaging, the product, I'll say it was a better cut out of foam than what originally came in the case. And the price was the best I found around as well

The Foam Fits!!!! Yessss!!

I’m just happy you all exist and you make replacement foam for people like me that mess up their original foam. The foam came just in time and it fits perfectly.

Useful Product, One Complaint...

This custom foam insert fit my 1170 case perfectly. Cutout for gun was also exact for my Beretta PX4 S&W. However, the insert I received DID NOT have the finger holes for the clips to make it easier to pull them out. I would simply ask that you sell what’s shown in the photo, not something else.

Perfect Fit

These fit the Pelican Vault v700 Takedown case perfectly, even the asymmetrical corners. The Cobra foam actually seemed easier to cut with an electric turkey knife than what came with the case.

Almost perfect

The only knock I have on the custom foam insert is that there were no cutout for the wheels. Given that this is a case specific custom insert internal wheel cutouts are a must.

Replacement Foam

Excellent fit and superior service. Ships fast.

Zero Haliburton Replacement Foam for Vintage Gun Case

I searched the web looking for replacement foam for a vintage Zero Haliburton - Weatherby- gun case. I chose the Cobra inserts because of the because their foam matched the original 3-piece factory foam set. After receiving the foam, I prefer it to the factory ZH foam because it is more firm and feels more durable. I did have to trim the foam a slight amount and cut a relief in the rear corners of the bottom piece for the hinges and a cut out for the locking mechanism, but this was a personal decision to get the fit I desired.


Excellent product. Perfect fit. Would recommend to anyone that needs. Quick service and delivery. Should have came with this foam from the factory.


This insert fits the Apache 3800 perfectly and holds my pistols and mags flawlessly. Don't hesitate to pick this up if you're considering it.

Excellent. Multiple purchases all have been great

Foam Liner

Ordered a custom cut foam liner for a Starlite Case that housed my Remington M24 SWS. he liner fit perfectly and was well worth the wait. Thanks again for an excellent product at a competitive price.

IM3410 foam inserts

Foam was an exact replacement. Good shipping time. Thanks Cobra

Quality product shipped quickly arriving on time

Cuts outs were clean cuts and fit my 1450 exactly

Good stuff, but needed a little help

Sizing as delivered was a little too big to fit without bowing the case out approximately ¼" across the width, and wouldn't fit at all across the length. Bottom pad also needed to be beveled and have cutouts for the wheels made. Middle pad needed cutouts for wheels as well.

All in all, I'm happy, but you should be aware that it's not a perfect drop in fit.

Plano All Weather Case 2 piece foam

Terrific product and service. 100% better than Plano pick and pull!

Fantastic foam fit.

I bought a Halliburton medium camera case 35 years ago when I was into photography. Since then all the camera equipment has gone, but I kept the case in the attic for all these years because I though it might come in handy sometime, for something. I now had a reason and opened the case to find the original foam had literally disintegrated. I was going to cut my own from a larger piece if I could fine some, but stumbled upon Cobra in the web. I ordered the exact fit foam inserts for this case and they are wonderful, a perfect fit. They will work great for it's new contents. Fast shipping and in perfect condition. I found out from looking at the Halliburton site that I'm glad I kept the case, it now retails for over 500 bucks! The price of the foam inserts is well worth it!!!!

Extremely please with this purchase

This purchase allowed me to use my Pelican case for two (2) additional setups, for less than half of what it would cost to purchase a single set of OEM replacement foam; thus allowing merely 1 new interior case layout. The Cobra foam is more dense than the OEM foam, which is fine for me. It may be worth noting for some buyers: the decerning eye will find that the density of the foam material is more variable than in the Pelican OEM foam; there will be more and larger, and varying size "bubbles", tiny air pockets, per one square inch than another--this could not matter any less to me; the is no compromise of the durability of the foam, and I expect it last as long as the OEM foam. Thanks--this product and price solved a major gear problem I had, and I'm already planning another order.

Great Customer Service... Highly Recommended!

I was looking all over for the foam for my case, no one offered it. The online messaging popped up and asked if they could help. I told them what case I have and the measurements of the foam I need and they made me what I needed and also made a new product for sale. These guys were very helpful, communicated back and fourth to make sure its what I needed. Thank you for your help, not many places have customer support like that anymore. I rarely ever do reviews but whoever reads this needs to know these guys are good.

Px4 Compact Concealed Carry - Langston tactical Mod 4

Fits like a glove, adapted to to Px4 Compact Concealed Carry, down to the two mag slots for what comes with it.

Perfect fit and replacement

I messed up the cutout of the original foam insert and needed a replacement. The Cobra replacement foam insert was a perfect fit! Good thing it came w two bc I messed up the first one!

Possibly better than original foam

Fits snug, the corners are also contoured to the case. Polyurethane feels almost like fabric compared to the polyethylene that the original vault comes in.


I recently used Cobra for custom cutting of the foam insert I purchased from them. I was extremely impressed with their work. It was easy to give them the necessary information required and the fit was flawless. I absolutely recommend them. I will be purchasing the foam and utilizing the cutting services very soon.


Exactly as described. Shipping took awhile though. It took over a week for it to ship from the factory and then it was normal ship speed. The product is great though fits the case perfectly.