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Would (and will) buy again.

The foam insert fit my Pelican Vault V800 case perfectly. The quality of the foam is as good or better than the factory insert.

Ideal if you want to update your case for new hardware, or if you just want to re-up your foam.

It is nice that it is a two pack so you can make different layouts for different range days.

Just what I needed!

Bought an old beat up Pelican 1450 to carry my pistols to the range, and this 5 pistol insert is absolutely perfect for what I need! Great build quality and fit, and great protection for the trip to the shooting range!

new gun case

the foam cutouts fit perfect very pleased

Great foam! Fits beautifully!

I was thinking that it was going to be pluck foam, but just cheaper than the original foam, but I am thinking it will last longer without the perforations! some cutting, but it is working great!
Thank you!

4-gun Fun

Just what I needed for range trips. Nice job Cobra!

Good stuff

Perfect fit. What the case should have came with. That lick a part foam is for the birds

Perfect Custom Fit

Given some of the reviews online, I was a bit apprehensive ordering from Cobra. Primarily, reviews stated that there is often a long wait time to receive your order and poor communication.
While I also found this to be the case, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the custom insert fit in my gun case. I presume Cobra may simply have a backlog of orders, but the silver lining is that they pay attention to detail and make the right foam cuts.
The only reason I docked a star is due to the lack of communication regarding the expected lead time for an order. It honestly wouldn't be a problem to wait a few weeks for a great custom product, especially if this expectation were presented up front or during the order process. However, it is an issue when not being transparent and poorly responding to calls/emails.

Outstanding replacement foam

This is the best replacement foam option for my Plano case and was a lot easier to cut and give a better fit to my firearm than the pick and pluck foam original insert. Great product!!

Good product

I have had my Haliburton case for a camera for years. The old foam had deteriorated long ago, and I now use my phone camera and not the larger camera from before. I came across the old case, and wondered if someone makes replacement foam, and was happy to see that someone did! I ordered it and it fit just perfectly. I now have a new gun case! Thanks.

Nice foam Dude.

Fits great, well made, looks like good quality stuff. Kinda spendy. Darn sure couldn't do it better myself. I like it.


Exactly what I needed...

Called in with my needs, moments later I received a email with what they proposed. Exactly what I needed, safe checkout and quickly shipping.


Exceeded my expectations. I’m still amazed at the wizardry involved in so accurately cutting the foam just from a photo!

Works as advertised

It works. Plain and simple.

great insert foam

the foam is well cut, fit perfectly for glock 17, great protection. Highly recommended

Cobra Foam for Pelican iM2050

The foam fit the Pelican iM2050 case perfectly and it also fits a 5” 1911 perfectly. A great product and fast shipping. I will likely purchase additional foam.

Pelican 1500 Foam Insert by Cobra

Great job Cobra. Perfect fit and so much better than the pick n pluck garbage that came with the case when I bought it (private seller). I came back here to see if there was solid foam available for the 1170 case, was just about to purchase the case from Optics Planet w/NO foam (because I don’t like the pick n pluck Pelican uses) and just saw that Cobra sells the case here with solid foam for the same price. Outstanding.

Perfect Foam

Glad I found Cobra. I needed some foam inserts for my Pelican cases and these were perfect for much less than Pelican or even Amazon was charging. Exactly what I needed. Thanks!!

100% perfect fit

Looks like the original center foam on the unit I purchased. Good to go

The product is very good. Fits perfectly into my Haliburton Case. Delivery is a little slow,

As good or better than the competition

I have seen a few competitors case solutions that are twice as expensive and are not any better. This case foam fit perfect and holds even full sized 1911’s

Excellent product

Good price. Quick shipping and made to fit.

The "extras" were as unexpected as they were appreciated.

Design staff went out of their way to make this project a success. Their suggestions resulted in a much more functional and visually pleasing design. The little extra was an engraving of the title I gave the project, adding a dramatic flair to the design. I highly recommend these folks, they take the time to do it right!