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Exactly as described. Shipping took awhile though. It took over a week for it to ship from the factory and then it was normal ship speed. The product is great though fits the case perfectly.

Excellent Product

Absolutely an awesome product. Cutouts look like they were done with a scalpel. I wont ever use factory foam again. Well worth the short wait.

Great product

Got the foam and cut it to fit my skb case exactly and also cut the foam to fit my bow. Quality product. Comes with all pieces of foam described.

They fit was just a little off.

Although the foam fit in the open case without any issue, when I went to close the list for the first time (before cutting anything) I had to adjust the way the lid sat down before I could close the latches. After I cut the foam and put everything inside I had the same issue. It's not that big of deal and the price was right, but this didn't happen with the original foam. The lenth is perfect, the depth is perfect it could probably have been cut 1/4 to 1/2" less in the width.

Excellent quality but misleading description and no product photo

I ordered this version of foam for the pelican storm case over the standard pelican case (and bought a case specially to match the foam) based on the description that it held the gun and 3 magazines. Because there was no product photo I assumed it held 3 magazines not counting the one in the gun. In reality it only holds 2 separate mags with a third on in the gun. The foam for the standard pelican case had a photo with 2 mag cutouts and stated it held 2 magazines, hence the reason I thought the one bought would hold 3. Had I known I would have gone with the standard pelican case and foam. Very disappointing but the foam is high quality and precision cut.

Outstanding product

High quality, precision fit.

RPR 300 Win Mag foam insert

Great product and awesome customer service. Planning on using them for my other rifle foam inserts.

Looks great and fits my 2 SBRs perfectly

Ordered the PE foam. The 4, 1.75", foam sections will not fit in the case with the one inch base pad in the bottom. Removed the base pad and fit was still very tight due to the recesses within the Pelican for the wheels and collapsable handle. Stuck up above the top of the case by about an inch and a half. I cutout gaps measured to the dimensions of the wheels and handle in the bottom 1.75" thick foam. Everything fits like a glove now. Used foam glue spray to glue 2 of the sections that I cut for my rifles to the other two sections so that they are better protected and the foam does not mis-shape. Would order again. May order again if I change some things on these rifles and want it to look clean.

pelican 1750 convoluted foam insert

Quality foam, great fit, great price

Great universal fit product

This product is a durable, universal fit replacement for the factory insert. Great for taking multiple firearms to the range, storage or transport.

I successfully cut out different holes in each of the two foam pieces for my shotguns and rifles. I used chalk for the outlines and an electric knife to do the cutting per the video instructions. Worked like a charm. Great product and I am highly satisfied.


Needed you be trimed to fit the case

Great insert!!

It’s a bit of a snug fit for the Pelican Vault V200, but serves its purpose very well.

Great quality foam!

I ordered this foam as a replacement for my Pelican 1750 case. It was a great fit and cut easily with an electric carving knife to hold my rifle. Recommended to a couple guys already! Great product.

Good product

Good quality but over priced I paid $149 for v800 and $100 to get 2 pieces of foam. I needed so I am glad I found it

Great Fit

The inserts fit perfectly.
I would recommend these if you have this case.

My Foam Insert

I bought a laser cut foam insert for my Cabela’s 2 rifle case. Fits the case well and the cut outs for the rifles were perfect. Totally satisfied.

Great case for your oculus rift s setup

All of the oculus rift s components first nice and snug! The laptop portion on the top was just barely big enough for the 15" Lenovo legion gaming laptop used to power the Oculus. I almost feel it could be slightly bigger cutout given you likely have a gaming laptop to power the oculus and still provide enough side protection. The extra holes were also a tight fit for the laptops 230watt power adapter but we made it fit. I almost think the compartments for those should either have less center padding protecting between the 2 or at least on one of them to accommodate bigger power adapters for gaming laptops. Regardless we made it fit just a little extra snug. Also has room for a pack of AA batteries should the Oculus controller batteries die. We use this for our company marketing events and its a solid protective case with precise cutouts as described!

Great product and arrived very quick.

Good product, easy to work with and fits the pelican vault case just like the original

Great Product

Fit perfectly. Does it’s job exactly as expected.

It's a perfect fit

it is perfect for protecting the Spark and all its components